April 15, 2024

Many guys associate “beach” and “summer” with wearing board shorts. Board Shorts, a summer wardrobe staple, combine comfort, usefulness, and style. This guide will help you select the perfect board shorts, whether you’re a pro surfer or a beach bum.

First, what distinguishes board shorts from swimwear? Board shorts are knee-length swimwear originally designed for surfing. They’re usually made of polyester or nylon, which dries fast and resists the ocean’s wear and tear. Board shorts are made for action and relaxation with non-elastic waists and flat stitching to prevent chafing.

When selecting board shorts, it’s crucial to find a pair that fits well from the start. Aim for a snug fit at the waist while ensuring freedom of movement in the legs. Many board shorts offer an adjustable lace-up waistband or Velcro fly closure for a custom fit. Test their comfort by performing movements such as squats or high steps to ensure they don’t restrict your mobility.

The length of the shorts is also a key consideration. Ideally, board shorts should reach around the knee, though the exact length can vary based on personal style preferences. Shorts that are too long may hinder your movements and look cumbersome, whereas shorts that are too short could be mistaken for swim trunks. A mid-knee length offers a perfect blend of style and practicality, suitable for the everyday adventurer.

When it comes to selecting colors and patterns, there are several guidelines to follow. Classic colors like navy, black, and grey offer versatility and can be easily paired with various shirt styles. For those looking to make a statement, tropical prints, bright colors, and geometric patterns provide eye-catching options.

Beyond aesthetics, functionality is paramount in board shorts, especially for those who engage in water sports. Opt for quick-dry materials and secure closures to prevent any mishaps in the water. Features such as stretch fabric, mesh lining, and cargo pockets add convenience and utility, making your shorts as practical as they are stylish. This ensures you’re always prepared, whether you’re hitting the waves or sneaking in your favorite beverage for a beachside toast.

Board shorts must match your attire. Plan your outfit. For a casual beachside meal, wear shorts and a linen shirt. On surf days, a tank top or white tee will do. Canvas slip-on or flip-flops enhance your beach outfit.

Board shorts’ appeal has grown beyond surfers. They represent the beach lifestyle and warm-weather aesthetic nowadays. You may confidently choose and style board shorts that meet your demands. By considering the fit, length, color, functionality, and outfit pairing, you can confidently select and style board shorts that best suit your personal taste and needs.

So, next time you’re prepping for a beach getaway or a day of surfing, remember that the right pair of board shorts can elevate your experience from simply fun to fantastically stylish. Whether you’re riding the waves or the trends, with a little knowledge and a dash of confidence, you’re well on your way to mastering the ‘surf’s up’ style.

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